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Thrilled at the opportunity to bring a taste of her Indian culture to mainstream pop music, emerging vocal powerhouse and songwriter Sahyba mixes a few bars of the traditional song “Sun Sahiba Sun” into “Stolen,” the passionate self-penned ballad slated to be the upcoming lead single from the 16 year old Los Angeles native’s debut full length recording.

The track was produced in London by British Punjabi songwriter and producer Rishi Rich, one of the most influential figures on the UK Asian pop scene who launched the career of transatlantic R&B star Jay Sean. Rich invited Sahyba to work with him in the UK after hearing her breakthrough indie single “Marco Polo (Where You At),” which was produced by Sahyba’s brother, up and coming producer Prince Saheb—whose latest project is Romeo Miller Jay Sean and more. The infectious electronic pop driven track earned airplay on numerous online radio outlets and was played on VH1’s “Basketball Wives” and TMZ, which chronicled her as “a new big pop star on her way up.” Reflecting pride in her heritage, the multi-talented Los Angeles born and based performer also appeared on the cover of India West, a major newspaper in her parents’ home country of India. Since the song’s release, Sahyba has also performed for students at local L.A. high schools, at numerous charity events and everywhere from Las Vegas (a showcase at the Palms Hotel) to Vancouver.

Sessions for Sahyba’s in progress recording have included a total of four tracks produced by Rich, one (“Down The Drain”) by Ray J (star of VH-1’s hit show “For the Love of Ray J” whose hits include the double platinum single “Sexy Can I”) and other by Prince Saheb. While she’s collaborating on many songs that will appear on the final tracking of her album, Sahyba sets herself apart from most teenaged pop artists in that she will be writing many by herself. “I am a very dedicated songwriter and have developed a great deal in my craft over the past few years,” she says. “I know there are a lot of great pop writers out there, but if I sing other people’s songs, then I can’t sing with my heart. A day rarely passes that I’m not thinking of a new song to write, and as I’ve gotten older, I think my songs have become more mature because I’ve been through many more interesting life experiences. When I’m writing with others, I don’t mind if my collaborators take verses while I handle the chorus and vice versa, as long as my personal emotions are there for me to sing. My viewpoints and ideas are really unique now.”

A true multi-cultural force of musical nature, Sahyba (whose birth name is pronounced the same but spelled “Sahiba”) speaks and sings in four languages (Spanish, Hindi, Punjabi and English), learned Indian classical music from the age of five and grew up singing at weddings, charity events and cultural festivals. She hails from a deeply musical family: her dad plays table and harmonium, her grandfather and uncle are Sikh worship singers and her cousins are in a band called OCP.

Sahyba continued to sing traditional Bollywood music while playing the harmonium throughout her childhood, and her musical passions later expanded to include opera and jazz. She listened to Christina Aguilera as a little girl, but it was a Beyonce concert at age 13 that inspired her love for the beats and rhythms of pop and R&B, and fueled her ambition to be a recording artist and performer. While auditions for “America’s Got Talent” and “The X Factor” didn’t pan out, she “didn’t let my rejections take me down because I always try to find a way around the mountain. I never give up and I always try hard and pray.” Shortly thereafter, Her brother and her manager George McLemore introduced Sahyba to Ray J, founder of Knockout Entertainment. Instantly captivated and amazed by the power and energy Sahyba’s voice, he signed her to her first label deal, which resulted in the worldwide release of “Marco Polo (Where You At).”

“One of the things I love best about my career now is that while I’m working on a lot of strong new material in the studio, I’m also having the opportunity to play more live shows,” the singer says. “It’s very freeing for me to be onstage because I become a different person. I can do so many things up there that I can’t do when people meet me in person and I’m kind of shy and nervous. It’s like when Beyonce created the Sasha Fierce character, that’s the same kind of change between Sahiba the teenage girl and Sahyba the performer. I’m excited by the fact that people come to see me perform, and when I see them dancing and singing along, it builds my confidence because I know I’m doing a good job and they’re happy.”

Both in the songs she’s writing for her album and her acclaimed live performances, the motivation behind everything Sahyba does is her desire to be an inspiration. “I want people of all ages to appreciate my music,” she says, “but there’s something special about touching the lives of younger kids. Some day, I want someone to say that because of me and what I did, and inspired by the songs I sang, they’re going to follow their dreams because I followed mine.” - See more at: http://www.sahyba.com/bio/#sthash.zPvyGhzI.dpuf

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